VSR230V3 - V-Speed Mod Motor G230 V.3

Modified G230 motor by V-Speed:
The V3 mods include the following:

  • - optimized crankcase
  • - Raised compression
  • - Ports modified
  • - Intake and outlet optimized
  • - Piston modified to match the optimized ports.
  • - Piston weight reduced
  • - Additional options (options do have an additional cost)
  • - lightweight the Flywheel & balance the crankshaft
  • - Ceramic bearing upgrade

The motor will be broken-in and tested in our dyno &  include the Dyno sheet like the one attached. In the attachment you can see the difference in between a stock ----- and the modified V3. This will insure that you the consumer is getting the best quality motor hands down. With the included Dyno sheet you see what HP your motor is producing, and know you have purchased a quality product.

Sold Out
Before: $275.00
Now: $239.99
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