LS_52025000 - Lightscale Air Box, touring cars, N.R.G. with 10
Lightscale Air Box, touring cars, N.R.G. with 10 ° angled adapter, set
Item no.: 52025000
Lightscale Air Box, touring cars, N.R.G. with 10 ° angled adapter

Air Box, touring cars, NRG, plastic, black, complete set including all accessories and 10° angled adapter. Lightscale N.R.G. is a powerful, quiet and yet very light weight air box, it fits all standard touring car models. Its performance comes from the large volume. In particular, the carburetor’s intake area of the NRG box’s shape is optimized to allow for free development of the gas column.

The N.R.G. box is homologated by the DMC and therefore race legal in Germany.

The body of the air box is made of a durable and fuel-resistant plastic that is impact resistant and flexible. This material also provides noise reduction and is very low weight without using susceptible and brittle carbon fibers. The air is filtered directly at the intake of the air filter box and therefore as far as possible from the intake of the carburetor itself. This will also improve performance and provides perfectly filtered air and easiest maintenance.

In a nutshell, the installation of the Lightscale NRG Box results in a significant increase in performance and engine life as well.
Content of delivery includes airbox, aluminum carburetor adapter, mounting screws and a ready-to-use oiled air filter. The air box comes as a completely assembled unit.
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