SCS M2 Engineering

SCS M2 Engineering
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Diff-Ramps made of alloy 7075 T6 with a special coating for long life duration.

The Differential is a torque controlled diff. It is possible to preload the system. Advantages of the Powerlock Differential: maximum traction for all griplevels (adjustable), reduction of fuel consumption, huge reduction of tyre wear, easy to drive, constant to drive, reduction of midcorner understeer. Weight from 2014 onward: 364g incl. ball diff axles and main gear 48" (example 364g für GENIUS cars). Attention: ball diff axles and main gear 48" are included in the set. 

SCS M2 Powerlock Differential "Black Edition 2016
SCS M2 M10205 Standart Carbon Shims (32mm)

SCS M2 M10226 Carbon V3 Set Of Diff Shims Low Grip 2 pcs.

M10304 SCSM2 powerlock Diff External Fins 0,50mm (with holes) 3 Pcs.
M10307 SCSM2 Powerlock Diff Shaft sealing ring (8x12x3mm)
SCSM2 Powerlock Diff External fins 0,25 (without holes) 3 Pcs.
 Magnetic Bodyshell Adjustment / Fitting Tool
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