TXLR410-F1-MC-MIX Tourex Big-Speed Reverse Adjustable with Mix Shoes

TXLR410-F1-MC-MIX Tourex Big-Speed Reverse Adjustable with Mix Shoes

  • $142.99

The Tourex Big-Speed Reverse clutch is specially designed to meet the needs of our customers. As the engines are getting faster and stronger these days, the clutch has to handle more power than ever before.

This clutch is the same for all cars, only the center part is different; therefore only the center part has to be replaced in a car change. The clutch has 4 shoes, three settings for spring pretension are available.

The clutch shoes open against the direction of engine rotation. Thus, almost no clutch slippage is possible when the clutch engages. The stronger the engine, the stronger the shoes are pressed against the bell. The result is better acceleration due to significantly reduced slip. However, as soon as you release the throttle, the system is neutralized and the springs re-activated. This happens in milliseconds.

This new system significantly reduces wear of the linings. This clutch can be used for all cars, even for stronger engines and heavier models. And, of course, the clutch can be adapted to personal preferences by means of triple adjustment and combinations of shoes.

Due to the small adapter in the center of the front panel, the short version can also be used in Mecatech FW01 and Genius.

The clutch is adjustable from 9,500 to 11,500 rpm.

  • FG Evo 2020
  • Mecatech FW01
  • Genius
  • Harm SX4
  • FG Competition Formula 1

  • 1 piece