MEC2015-LIGHT Mecatech Active Differential for 1/5 scale cars

  • $480.99

New design for the Active Diff! It is lighter, smaller and it haven´t the adjustment screw. The inner parts are the same of the standard version.

Heavy-duty, torque dependent self-locking differential with various possibilities for adjustment.

The use of four satellite gears distributes the load on four ramps, increasing their service life compared to already existing solutions. Needle bearings on the back of the satellite gears ensure smooth operation of the ramp system.

For adaption to the grip conditions you can choose from two different pairs of steel and carbon friction disks and ramp bells. The latter have 3 different ramp angles per pair of bells. All versions are included.

Differential spur gear and ball bearings are vehicle-dependent and therefore not included.


  • 1 x complete Mecatech Active Diff assembled with bell B for high grip
  • 2 x bell A for low grip
  • 4 x Carbon discs outer diameter 30 mm
  • 4 x Steel discs inner diameter 24 mm
  • 1 x Bottle of diff oil