Mecatech Bearing kit -ENDURANCE SERIES

Mecatech Bearing kit -ENDURANCE SERIES

  • $20.25

Kit Fit FW01

Kit Features 17 Bearings

  • 8- 8x19x6

  • 4- 8x12x3.5 Flanged

  • 3- 10x19x5

  • 2- 12x21x5

  • 2- 15x24x5

*Picture is for reference only

Endurance Series- This is the original. This bearing can be used on any type of vehicle. Perfect for those looking to upgrade from stock kit bearings, or serious racers on a budget.     Polished Steel Balls, “J” Type ball retainer, Grease filled,  Abec 5 rating, and rubber seals sourced for higher quality.