SAM-7301 Samba 7 Torque Titanium tuned pipe system DMC 50-1101

  • $445.00

The Samba 7 titanium gives you a weight saving of 140 grams compared to the steel version. We have tested and optimized the Samba 7 Titan- tuned pipe system for half a year on the engine dyno and an additional three months on various racetracks! The pipe has a new, very strong connection system. This low-maintenance flexible connection between pipe and manifold is secured by four (!) springs, making a failure prone o-ring seal obsolete! 

Despite of the increased performance fuel consumption remains the same compared to a Samba 6 pipe. The Samba 7 system provides significantly better performance, i.e. the power is optimally available across the engine’s entire rpm range

In combination with the Mecatech Expert hydraulic brake and repositioning the fuel tank for about 2 cm to the right, the Samba 7 system can also be installed in C5 + R5 cars! 

Samba 7 can also be installed in cars equipped with Magura 2 hydraulic brakes (see pictures). 

Of course, the Samba 7 tuned pipe system is race legal for racing, with the DMC approval number 50-1101 engraved. The Samba 7 - tuned pipe system comes with an installation kit. 

  • All On-road cars from FG
  • Contrast
  • Bergonzoni
  • Harm
  • Genius
  • and many others as well<
  • Will fit medium (515 mm) wheelbase cars from FG as well