SAM-8100 Samba 8 Racing - tuned steel pipe set DMC

  • $236.05

The pipe has a new, very strong connection system. This low-maintenance flexible connection between pipe and manifold is secured by four (!) springs, making a failure prone o-ring seal obsolete! 
Despite of the increased performance fuel consumption remains the same compared to a Samba 7 pipe. The Samba 8 system provides significantly better performance, i.e. the power is optimally available across the engine’s entire rpm range!

Of course, the Samba 8 tuned pipe system is race legal for racing, with the DMC approval number 10-1504 engraved. The Samba 8 - tuned pipe system comes with an installation kit.
  • All On-road cars from FG
  • Contrast
  • Bergonzoni
  • Harm
  • Genius
  • and many others as well
  • Will fit medium (510 mm) wheelbase cars from FG as well