TXLS510 Tourex MIX-F1-MC Big-Speed Adjustable 2 for Mecatech and Genius

  • $142.99

Big-Speed Automatic/Mecatech + Genius with short clutch body (Mecatech and Genius), 1 x carbon shoes and 3 x aluminum shoes, 2.3 mm springs.
Clutch engagement speed 9.500 / 10.400 / 11.300 rpm, for on-road cars.

Fits Mecatech and Genius.

TOUREX Big-Speed ​​Adjustable 2, 4 shoe performance clutch, adjustable with triple adjustment

As usual this clutch is available for all cars and categories and Tourex Standard materials like PTFE carbon with bronze mix and 7075 aluminum for the shoes have been used.

To adjust engagement RPM lift the front plate of the clutch and rotate counter-clockwise to the next position. This is best done with the matching tool TXLA903, which is also meant to hold the clutch when tightening and loosening the M6 ​​screw in the crankshaft instead of using a piston stopper.

With the 4-shoe construction there is the possibility to try the clutch with a wide variety of settings and find the best match for your application.

In addition to the 3 settings it is possible with 2WD clutches with 4 carbon shoes to use different springs for a pair of opposing shoes. This allows for a 500 or 1000 RPM earlier engagement of two shoes, providing softer clutch action on slippery terrain.
In addition, you can insert M4x5 grub screws in clutches with MIX shoes (3 x aluminum and 1 x carbon) into the appropriate threads in the aluminum shoes to raise their weight. 4 grub screws M4x5 can be inserted per aluminum shoe, 2 from the front and 2 from the rear.

To keep the clutch in balance, always use the same quantity of grub screws and only at opposite positions.

The clutch features an M8 thread in the center for easy removal from the crankshaft using an M8 screw (not included).

Please check the list at the top to get the correct clutch for your application.